I Ranked *EVERY* Season 6 Fortnite Weapon (Tier List)

I Ranked *EVERY* Season 6 Fortnite Weapon (Tier List)
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42 thoughts on “I Ranked *EVERY* Season 6 Fortnite Weapon (Tier List)

  1. Guys I have a info that purple and gold primal SMG is so op and I just win squad with that primal SMG I even don’t have time to use my other guns so you have to try it out and maybe that will help you win a lot

  2. my tier list

    S-Stink Bow, Explosive Bow, Shockwave Bow, Mythic Primal
    A-Flame Bow, Primal Shotgun, Revolver, Scar
    B-Pump Shotgun, Primal Rifle
    C-Makeshift Revolver, Mechanical Bow, Primal Bow, Makeshift Shotgun
    D-Makeshift Rifle
    F-Primal Pistol

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