How to SOLO QUEUE to APEX MASTERS! (Apex Legends Console)

48 thoughts on “How to SOLO QUEUE to APEX MASTERS! (Apex Legends Console)

  1. One massive tip for getting high placements / improving in game. Loot fast!! I see so many players looting everything they see for no reason, they are just begging for a third party to come and beam them

  2. Literally been stuck on plat 4 for 3 days now and Im going fucking crazy so Im gonna test this out for the next 7 days and see where I go from there

    Edit: Been a while but I've managed to place Diamond 2 with these tricks.

  3. things that piss me off are when
    – i say and ping a building that im going to and they all land with me… shit is annoying af
    – when tm8s are dropping and they dont fully commit, they turn around mid drop because they see other squads and we end up dropping in an area where people already looted
    – the people that yell in their mic to get their banners when u literally cannot is also annoying

    doesn't happen often, but when it does…

  4. Im absolutely stuck borderline d3 and its really fucking me up. When Im in d3, I get paired with diamonds on my team who usually dont play like their rank. So when I drop to d4, I get paired with platinums

  5. The 3rd/4th/5th parties are ruining this game for me. Its literally the core of the game at this point, its frustrating as fuck putting in all the work to kill a squad, and even a 3rd party but when the whole fucking lobby comes to join the fight its discouraging. I'm thinking of uninstalling this game & Ive been playing since the beginning. Dont get me started on solo queue ranked either. Its literally hell.

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