How to Go Through Gold Lobbies in Apex Legends Ranked! (Coaching Series)

Starting from Bronze all the way through Diamond, I’ll be reviewing subscribers gameplay in ranked! I breakdown the whole game and capitalize on mistakes as well as giving tips through out the game! This coaching series will help you rank up faster in Gold Ranked on apex legends season 9 Legacy!

*Looking for Silver to Diamond Gameplay*
To submit your gameplay, follow my twitter ( and DM a link to the YouTube video (720p minimum). Make sure its a full game (Legend…

31 thoughts on “How to Go Through Gold Lobbies in Apex Legends Ranked! (Coaching Series)

  1. 10:50 as soon as I saw that the Oct shrugged off the Lifeline's suggestion I knew that they were going to be sandwiched and both the Medic and the Caustic where going to be knocked XD its the APEX law when you dont play height .

  2. I just reached plat 4. Can’t do much more without teammates. I only played one game since reaching plat this split and actually won but I won’t get lucky and have good teammates like that often so I haven’t played ranked anymore since then. Psn is Polar220trill if anyone wants to squad up. Na region

  3. i remember in season 2 or 3 or 4 i went against sultan got pooped on and he friended and played with me and my friend at the time i was plat stuck and i would always watch sultan play and control recoil and have good positioning now ever since then i finally reached diamond and on the grind to masters thanks so much sultan u might not see this but u inspired me and keep up the good work

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