HILARIOUS Troll Trap Base in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans most Hilarious and Effective Troll Trap base works at MANY Town Hall levels!

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39 thoughts on “HILARIOUS Troll Trap Base in Clash of Clans

  1. Do people completely forget about “tester” troops? Have a couple cheap troops like wall breakers(so they run through and set off most of the traps) or barbarians to set off the traps

  2. A clash of clash clan created for peolpe that want to have the oppertunitie in evolving in the speed you want. Join with the code. Have some th12 friends that will join soon. so please have some patience.

  3. I find it odd how certain people no matter what league always go for stars, like my clan mates. They are farming but they use a siege and cc everytime

  4. not to be rude, but how dumb can players be? who tf places a town hall only protected by a fraction of their defenses and not even covered by walls? like bruh how do you not realize that traps may be a thing?
    just deploy a single small troop and find out..

  5. but all of the best defenses are near the townhall. Nowadays everyone uses lightning spells and electro dragons in th11. So i don't think your th11 would work in masters league.

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