FAST Start to TOWN HALL 12! Gold Pass Clash of Clans

Starting TOWN HALL 12! Gold Pass Clash of Clans episode #71!

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25 thoughts on “FAST Start to TOWN HALL 12! Gold Pass Clash of Clans

  1. Hey galadon, there is something you have probably not realised that can help you in both farming with dbds but in wars too. Starting from th11 you can destroy an air defense with 2 max lightnings for the town hall and an earthquake spell. Now that you are town hall 12 though, you need to max lightning in order to be able to destroy a max th12 air defense. Especially vs the base u attacked in cwl u could use 8 lightnings and 2 earthquakes. That would destroy all air defenses and 2 inferno towers!

  2. All the Jim's saying dont upgrade your walls when galadon has overfilling gold and elixir and one builder available 🙄 (and before leaving your base with 5 upgrades with 5+ days put some of that extra loot on your walls) Galadon is just big brain

  3. Hey clash players, what if their was a little update where you could see when your clash mates where last online just by going to the clan castle and scrolling through your clan mates. What do you think of this little clash idea?

    if you have a $60,000 account and the creator gets 5% thats $3,000 and he gives half to charity which is $1,500 to charity.

  5. You should try to rush the gold pass to th 14 and keep the no pass at th 12 and keep progressing that way. since you are bored of same upgrades, i think its both fun and interesting whichever account gets max first

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