Counter-Strike Online 2 [Garry's Mod Weapon Pack] – Reload Animations –WARNING LOUD SOUNDS–

Hi, in this video i’ll show some reload animations in Counter Strike Online 2 through Garry’s mod. This video is a continuation of a request from a subscriber. Like the first CS Online, I never played this one, but this game looks really fun and I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed these animations! Hope you enjoy, and if you liked, check my other videos and please consider subscribing. If i forgot something, please leave a comment.


29 thoughts on “Counter-Strike Online 2 [Garry's Mod Weapon Pack] – Reload Animations –WARNING LOUD SOUNDS–

  1. Remember folks, the dbr snake, essentially a 2x ar15, is a real life firearm that is mass produced and legally sold at every local retailer across America. Because Americans worship the second amendment 10x more than jesus christ. Feel free to use mathematics to put that into perspective.

  2. You're doing Accuracy International Weapons incorrectly
    It's not Arctic Warfare AWP, AW stands for Arctic Warfare and P is for police.
    it would be Accuracy International AWP or AWM or AWSM.
    Secondly the AWP and AWP Tank aren't AWP's one's a german version of the L96A1while the "AWP Tank" Is another rifle brand with the Accuracy International AW chassis.

  3. Never seen again the Players who play CSO2, but thx to show that all reload.
    And idk if CSO2 is got close by Nexon or not, cuz want to play it again after seeing this.

  4. tips: no need to show mid reload if it only has one reload sequence because its just the same.. it's also shortening the video thus make it lighter size

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