Town Hall 8 attacks… What!!! Not something you normally see on the channel but TH8 needs some love as well! Today I share with you some TH8 strategies that can be solid three star strategies for you, in war.

Thanks for spending some time with me here today on the channel! I really do appreciate it.


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34 thoughts on “BEST TOWN HALL 8 ATTACK STRATEGIES | Clash of Clans

  1. Rusher talks to maxer
    Rusher:bro ur gold and elixir full, your base is maxed,y dont you upgrade town hall
    Maxer:i gotta wait till goblin upgrade is finished
    Rusher has left the chat

  2. Great video. I was looking for a video that showed a town hall 8 strategy. The first two videos I clicked on I could not understand a word or what they were talking about. But when I came to your video. You made sense. Thank you for this video!

  3. Thanks you for this video. I’ve been playing coc for years and am only town hall level 8. In the beginning I rushed but I’m trying to catch back up. But thank you. Very enjoyable. 12/10 would watch again.

  4. Nice 👍 really good doing some smaller th video, would love to see more of this. it’s so important to learn different strategies early… well, I missed it and now I’m struggling hard with th10 attacks.. I loved dragons / dragloon at th 7 and 8… unreliable bats😍, also great for farming dark elexier if you‘ve got enough pink 🙋🏻💖

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