BEST Tips to Win More Gunfights (Apex Legends)

How to Win More Gunfights (Apex Legends Tips)

Alarmix here, in this apex legends video I am going to be going over my best tips to win more gunfights in season 6. Winning more gunfights is key to winning and having fun in apex. So I hope you enjoy this video on winning more gunfights and getting more kills in apex legends!





47 thoughts on “BEST Tips to Win More Gunfights (Apex Legends)

  1. My biggest problem is fighting outdoors where there is no cover.
    Also, the game is starting to stuck cause I can't feel the slightest improvement ( it may be cause the game's matchmaking isn't fair )

  2. guys dont listen to this dude. hes actually not even good at all. hes a silver 3 lol. his movements r trash too. u can tell hes not that highly experienced. watch a pro like eu lyric or raynday gaming

  3. I just want them to take away sbmm for solo queue, I shouldn't have to vs triple stackers while I have brand new players on my team. I enjoy playing solo more than people because all my life I been doing stuff alone. I can find people and they just don't match my play style or it's just not fun for me :/.

  4. Hey Alarmix, I love your videos for Apex, they helped me a lot 😀

    Btw could you tell me the song which you played in the background in the movement sector around the 12th minute and the song at minute 15? It sounds awesome
    A tracklist for your video would be nice 🙂

  5. I think it’s funny, I go into firing range switch on dummies and start clapping with no attachments, then I load into pubs and get steamrolled by some 9 year old level 23.

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