Today we break down 10 tips I wish I knew before I started playing Apex Legends! These are some more beginner tips but ones I really wish I knew earlier on as they can help out a ton! These Apex Legends tips and tricks are in no particular order and these Apex Legends tips are really meant to cater to new or less experienced players. These Apex Legends Season 8 tips and tricks and Apex Legends beginner tips are really just the starting point as there is a lot to know! The 10 tips are 10 Apex…


  1. played one match of apex when it first came out, got bored of it because all i played was BR games but came back today because all my friends are predators so now i wanna compete with them lol. first game i got a dub but idk if i played against bots or smtn didnt feel too difficult

  2. Another beginner tip: AVOID THE SWITCH VERSION OF THE GAME. The draw distance is horrible and the textures are muddy. Doesn't seem bad until your in a gun fight and can't see your enemies.

  3. Hello can u make a video on best wepons for situations plz im a new switch player and I rlly only use a few guns It would help alot if u made a video on that plz and ty dont stop being awesome plz

  4. Whats crazy is i have over 2k kills just in season 1 but i havent played since like season 4-5 when cod warzone came out and the gameplay is so different here i am again 😂 running into doors forgetting i have to actually open them myself

  5. Me a season 0 player trying to come back just to realize I have no idea what I’m doing😅 trying my best, I’m a good shot, just need to learn the mechanics and game more

  6. for beginners, the alternator is a really easy gun. it’s recoil pattern is easy and can be a big game changer in early game. it was my main gun along with the spitfire for a long time when i first started

  7. Ive started playing APEX a day ago and Im from CSGO Valorant games, ive played some PUBG, and im having a hard time adjusting on apex because i think its a fast paced game. That reason lead me to this vid. XD

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