10 BEST PUBG Tips For NEW Players! (PUBG Pro Tips and Tricks)

PUBG best tips and tricks guide for new players. This PUBG guide will help you get better at PUBG and become abetter player. This PUBG tips guide is made for newer players but can be enjoyed by all skill levels for PC and console.

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39 thoughts on “10 BEST PUBG Tips For NEW Players! (PUBG Pro Tips and Tricks)

  1. I started playing on mobile now upgraded to PC and Holy shit it's a different level. Not to mention I haven't play any FPS since Halo 2.

    You pro players make it look so dam easy. I see "DanucD" and that girl is a professional Hitman. The fraction of a second she sees you, your dead.

  2. gooooood job man iam a beginner used to play pubg lite the best this in lite is showing firing signs on the map steam is a bit harder iam definite gonna watch your live streams

  3. If you're new, try playing deathmatch more to learn the mechanics. If you've played siege for a while, use those mechanics. I play ALOT of siege, and everytime Im fighting a decent player, I just pretend like its siege, and it works 90% of the time.

  4. I have less then 3 hours in the game and I litterally just bought it yesterday and I had two 1 kill game matches right and my audio was fucked I guess I had the wrong output so footsteps weren’t on point then I fixed it and the 1 match after I had 6 kills and came in 2nd place

  5. I used to be in the top 100 players in DUO EU then after they nerfed the recoil it all went to shit from there. Used to be able to wipe squads by myself, and recoil control with an m4 and 4x acog was so easy, I mean I get it, make it more challenging but honestly the old PUBG was the best game I had ever played. Now with all the weird outfits and crap, makes it feel like fortnite.

  6. This really helped me, but you didnt mention how to control vertical recoil. Other then attachments you can pull down on your mouse while shooting. Naturally your gun will move in a upward motion while shooting (aka "kick" or "kick back") I had to figure that out the hard way, but that boosted my kills by a significant amount.

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